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Beware of the Guru

Beware of the Guru
This time of year we tend to see many stories like the one found in the link below.  Every so called expert comes out of the wood work to give their predictions for the coming year.  They will hit you with a slew of stocks that they think are going to be the top performers in the coming year.  This goes along with the some of our commentary topics this week about those big cap slow moving barges that cannot get out of their own way.  As we said all the institutions that want to own these stocks already own them.  The ones that want to sell them will use an article like this to dump their shares on the unsuspecting crowd of Main Street investors who do not know any better.  This crowd of dumboberries will eat this stuff up.  They look for every last piece of information like this that they can find then lay out all their hard earned cash to buy the shares.  

Monster Gains in Monster Stocks
This particular expert wants us to buy blue chip stocks. What he is really offering is a great list of stocks that will go nowhere fast.  In fact he even mentioned a 9% return from investing in these. 9% return Well I guess that is better than you can get at the bank currently. But even if he is right a 9% return will not get you to where you want to be.  We need monster gains in monster stocks to get us where we want to be in life and we want those gains fast. We do not want to wait 3 to 5 years to make 20 or 30% on our money.  2030% good but we can do even better in the right stocks at the right time. 

Why wait a lifetime
These experts will tout a 9% or 10% return over the course of 30 or 40 years as the way to grow rich.  Why would anyone want to wait 40 years to be wealthy If you are disciplined you can reduce that time frame to a handful of years or less.  Yet there are tens of thousands of uniformed investors who will follow that philosophy to a T.  They will buy into everything that some loudmouth on the television told them to buy. Listening to these guru's never made anyone any money.  Let's face it have you ever made money from an article you read or by watching a guru on TV Answer honestly. 

Blood on the Street
Do you think the wealthiest people in the world watch CNBC and read articles like the above link They would not waste their time on that junk.  They pay big money to be in a network that has a staff of people who do nothing but research for them.  They find the hidden gems and they invest in those gems.  They do not tell anyone what they are doing; they work in a world of secrecy.  Anyone working for them is certainly not going to go on TV and tout a stock that they are investing in.  Unless of course it is after the big move and they want to sell it.  That is when the little guy hears about these stocks.  Big money can pay to have articles like this written.  If you think it cannot or does not happen think again.  Remember anytime you hear a guru touting a stock think twice about what they are telling you. Do they really care about you What is their motivation for pumping a certain stock Those are the questions I would be asking. 
As the old saying goes Want to know how to make $1million on Wall Street Start with $10 million. There is blood on Wall Street and chances are it was yours at one time.  They want to drain every last ounce of blood cash and life out of every little investor that tries to play the game.  This is how they transfer wealth from you to them.  Don't let that happen.

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