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Know Your Limitations

Clint Eastwood once said A man's got to know his limitations. Of course this goes for our female traders as well. You simply have to be realistic about what you are capable of. I hate to say it but some people are just not cut out for trading. However self evaluation can sometimes be very difficult. It kind of falls into the category of nobody thinks they are a bad driver. If you did not think you were able to be a successful stock trader then you probably would not be a member of our website.  However just because you think you will be successful at trading does not make it so. 

Where Would We Be If Henry Ford Quit
So for those of you that are unsure if you are cut out for trading or have difficulty with self evaluations we have a sure fire way to determine if you are a good trader or not. It is as simple as this: look at your brokerage account.  If your account goes up then you are doing something right. If it goes down you are not doing so well. If in a couple of months you have more money than you started with without adding more funds then you are off to a good start. If you have less then you are making mistakes. 

If in a year or two you are consistently making money and/or have entered the big league of trading then you most definitely are cut out for this business and should be proud of yourself because this is one of the hardest ways one could possible try to make a living.  If in one or two years you are broke or having to fund your trading from other profitable areas of your life then you probably are not cut out to be a trader.  Even if this were the case we have always believed that no matter what a person decides to do they are only a failure if they quit.  Our STHQ philosophy has always been never give up. If Henry Ford would have given up we would all be driving Chevrolet's! 

Seriously if the person that became successful on the 10th attempt had stopped on the 9th attempt then they would have been a failure when all they had to do was try one more time and they would have gotten it right. 

The Analysts Did It
Trading can be a very tough road; you do not learn this business over night.  It takes months even years to become just a half way decent trader. I may take many more years to become what I would call a savvy trader. No one walks into this business and learns it in a week. It is like anything else in life it takes time it takes practice and it takes the ability to learn from your mistakes. 

If you find you tend to blame your mistakes on everyone else forget it stop while you still have some money left and go find a boss to work for again.  I have never met a good trader that blamed someone or something else when they lost money.  At the end of the day nobody forces you to enter the trade. No matter what advice you follow what service you use the buck ultimately stops with you. It is your decision to follow through with the trade in the end. One thing you will never hear a successful trader say is I lost money but it wasn't my fault it was the market maker or those darn specialists at the NYSE stole my shares or jeez that darn analysts down grade cost me money.  

Yes true the analysts have been known to pull some stunts but is it really their fault if your trade goes bad If you were not in the stock they just down graded in the first place it would not have affected you.  You must take full responsibility for every trade you make and every action you take. 

Are You Cut Out For This
If you cannot say to yourself I messed up that trade big time and I'll never make that mistake again! then you have selected the wrong business to be in. You simply have to be able to stand back look over what you are doing and honestly evaluate what is working and what is not working. If something you are doing is not working then you must make changes. Trading is a highly fluid type of business it is always changing and you must adapt and change with it. 

What you must do ultimately is learn what works for you not what works for everyone else but what works for you. Part of that is knowing your limitations.  If you are new to our website we think we can help you become not just a good trader but a great trader one who can sustain a living from your trading abilities.  We can help you get there and we know you will succeed if it is meant to be.

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