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Time Is On Your Side

Steve Miller once said Time keeps on slipping into the future. How right he was.  Time stops for no one. One of the things we have absolutely no control over is time. However we do have control over how we spend that time.  Time is money; we live in a society where everything is fast paced. You can get just about anywhere in America in a few hours; pizza is delivered straight to your door in 30 minutes or less. According to some commercials you can lose 50 pounds or more in just a few weeks with no effort!
Our society is training us to expect results right away within moments of snapping our fingers. We want it and we want it right now. We see a lot of this mentality in the trading world as well. Just read any Yahoo message board and you will see what I mean:

Buy now or you'll miss out!

People want to get in the market no matter what the market is trying to tell them.  This market is telling us to stay out or at least if you have to be in it get short.  Still there are people who just have to try and catch the falling knife.  We at STHQ have been mostly out of the market for the last eight weeks.  We saw the writing on the wall and it was time to get out.  We knew it was better to stay out than to try and fight what was the beginning of a down trend at that time. Did we know it was a down trend at that time No we didn't know but we knew the market had all the signs of a top. You see you don't know you are in a downtrend until a downtrend has developed and those things take time.  We know the market will always be here so there is plenty of time for us to make big profits but we have to wait for the right time. 

By using a systematic trading style and by sticking to the rules (as I have for the years) we will consistently out perform the market with minimal risk for our potential reward. Part of this risk/reward is being in and out of the market at the right time. Building wealth within a portfolio takes time and it takes patience.  Never be in a hurry to lose money time is on our side. The market will come back and it will be tradable again. But right now look at tonight's chart of the Nasdaq and you will understand why we have been mostly cash for the last eight weeks. Like we always say if stocks are not going up there is no reason in the world to own them.

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