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It Happens Every Time

It seems to happen every time not only at STHQ but I'm sure other services as well.  It's the nature of the business.  On days the market goes higher and we are short we get some members notifying us of their membership cancellation.  We notice too that these members are mostly newer members and most likely have not taken the time to read and understand our system.  They jump into the first trade alert we send with all their money or a good portion of it instead of using only our recommended 10% position size. If this first trade doesn't work out they are down a substantial amount of money because they overweighed in the one position. This also means they do not have enough cash to play the IFO or LBIX alerts for 10% gains.  Instead what is a short position that is down 3% at STHQ and only 0.03% of our portfolio is a much bigger loss for them and they are unable to offset the loss with our winning trades. 

These people are also upset when the majority of our positions are short and the market is up big one day.  They think that every up day is the start of a new bull and we are missing out on the run.  They don't realize that these snapback rallies on low volume are just traps and they don't have the patience to stay with the dominant market trend which right now is down.  There is nothing we can do for anyone who chooses to deviate from our advice.  All we can do is keep doing what we are doing and that is outperform the market no matter what the market does. 

Let's Put it in to Perspective
These days are going to happen days when the market has seemingly outsmarted us. Nobody is good enough to guess at market direction everyday and be right 100% of the time.  
In order to have participated in today's rally one would have had to have loaded the boat long at yesterday's close and there was no way for anyone to know at that time the market would rally today.  But if you read our premarket alert we mentioned that this rally could happen and to keep your stops tight (2%) if you couldn't take this force against your trade. 

In the end what counts is consistent performance over time.  Let's put things into perspective.  Let's take a look at our current portfolio.  Using just 10% of our funds in each trade let's see how much today's up day has hurt us by being short. 

Closed trades today
IFO closed 10% gain  1.0% gain in portfolio
CRM closed 2.7% loss 0.27% loss in portfolio

Total realized profit/loss for trades that were closed today 0.73%

Trades still open
CYMI down 2.4% or 0.24% of portfolio value
OCR down 4.5% or 0.45% of portfolio value
SHFL down .60 % or 0.06% of portfolio value
RTI down 4.6% 0r 0.46% of portfolio value
ICE down 0.4% or 0.04% of portfolio value
Total unrealized loss for trades that are down (1.25%) of portfolio value

BBBY up 0.6% or 0.06% of portfolio value
OMCL up 1.% or 0.1% of portfolio value
ISIG up 3% or 0.3% of portfolio value
Total unrealized profit/loss for trades that are up 0.56%

Total of both realized and unrealized profits today 1.29% gain

Today's portfolio gains 1.29% today's losses (1.25%) 0.04% gain. 

If you add all these together we had a net gain today of 0.04% while the Dow was up 0.67% the NASDAQ up 0.82% S&P up 0.60%.  All we did was miss out on one day of market gains there was no damage done to the overall portfolio.  Lost opportunity Maybe but what if the market is down hard tomorrow and the long positions we didn't take today are down big Or if we covered our shorts today and tomorrow they are down big The problem is we just don't know from day to day what will happen and neither does anyone else.  But we do know one thing over time our system works.  

Let's look at the big picture. Let's not forget to include the performance record of the indices are this year. 

Nasdaq down( 6%)
Dow up 4%
S&P up 2%
RUT up 3%
STHQ up 49%

The Answer to the Dilemma
The answer to the dilemma we posed above is a simple one. Follow the trading plan and position size and you can never get hurt with any of the trades we recommend. Over time our proven money management system will increase your portfolio balance substantially.  This is not just a self promoting smoke and mirrors statement.  The proof is in our trade record the numbers don't lie and they are there for the record for all to see in the resource section. 

Every trade we have ever made is recorded there and if you put 10% of your port into every trade we have ever made in our three year existence you would be up over 600% in that time. 

The members who do not practice this important money management system and do not stay long enough to let the system work cannot expect to have the same success.  Some won't give the system a chance and others Well one bad day like today (which wasn't really that bad according to the results above) and they quit.  For those members who canceled today remember

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