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Buy the dip / Buy breakout

I have recently been adding to my long positions because I believe we are still in a bull market. In bull markets we will be buying breakouts or buying pullbacks in strong stocks.  These are the only two reasons we should be buying in any market in my opinion. Examples of this type of pullback buying are TPPP DIGL GEB LFP today (Feb 3rd Bulletin) and INSG a couple days ago. If you look in the comments on yesterday's Bulletin you'll see that I had these stocks with limit orders to buy the pullback. I bought TPPP today at 1.06 (which I admittedly got lucky and got in at the low of the day). My whole order didn't fill at that price but that started the buying. My average price for my buy after the whole order was filled was 1.09. When I saw that my entire order wasn't going to fill I immediately changed my order to a market order. The rest of the order filled at that point. Thus my average price for this order was 1.09.  The stock closed at the high of the day 1.25. Talk about the perfect trade sometimes you need a little luck but good trading brings good luck. I also bought DIGL at 2.92 today and this stock also closed near the high of the day at 3.23. These were very good day trades but I chose to hold both because of the strong closes. 

Other stocks that were buy the dips in yesterday's Bulletin was GEB at 1.60. This was the low of the day and it bounced off this low and closed at the high of the day which also a new 52 wk high at 1.75. I didn't buy GEB because I did not want to hold more positions heading into the CSCO earnings after the close. 

LFP is another stock that bounced well today. Although I didn't buy this stock either my buy the buy the dip buy point was .44 and the low was .43. LFP proceeded to bounce to a high on .51 on 3X average volume. A few days ago I said INSG support was 2.50 and would be a good bounce play. It closed today at 3.37. Hitting these buy the dip plays almost perfectly proves we can trade even a sideways market and still make money. 

We can (1) buy the breakouts in a strong market and make money or (2) we can buy the pullbacks in a sideways market and make money or (3) in a bear market we can short stocks and make money. The direction of the market does not matter to us. You can make money no matter what the market is doing. If today's alerts and our limit order buy points on the bulletin aren't enough proof that our system works I don't know what else we can do.

Words of Wisdom
Buying high and selling higher works; buying strong stocks during their pullbacks works as well. These are our two methods of trading. Two recent examples of these two styles are INSG bought at on the breakout at 2.49 two days ago which reached 3.38 today (buy high sell higher). The 2nd example is our purchase of NMGC today (Jan 20th Bulletin) at 4.20 which closed today at 4.85 (buy strong stocks that pullback). I can name many more but this should be enough to get the point across.  These are the only two reasons to buy stocks in my opinion.

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