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Bulletin 101 Part III

What can I do if I can't follow the alerts throughout the day
Look at the list of stocks on the Bulletin and you'll see most are higher now then when I first introduced them to you. I've been asked by some through email the following question what is the best way to trade if I cannot be by my computer all day My answer to that question would be to just buy and hold until they go up because eventually they will and the list and performance of these stocks has proven this time after time. Yes Ideally I would like you to wait for the buy points but if you cannot be by your computer the best thing is to do some research on the stocks I list buy at a price you feel comfortable with and set a target profit point. You can put a limit order to sell at a certain price and if the stock makes it to that price while you are away your order will be filled. You have made a profit while you are at your other job. Trading this way will limit your returns but some returns are better then none at all IMO. 

Of course you could always just buy and hold. I am not a fan of this in a side ways or bear market but in a Bull market (which we are definitely in) buying and holding the right stocks can be very profitable. I believe we have 50 of the right stocks for you to choose from. Some of these 50 stocks continue to make new highs daily and today was no exception even on a day when the market was down. 

New Today / Watch list
I would like to point out that when a new stock goes on the Bulletin (or in the case of OTC BB stock mentioned in the commentary) it does not mean that they are going to take off the next day. It very well could but in most case it could take a few days before the breakout. I can't always hit them the night before that is very hard to do and those stocks are very hard to find. Remember these new stocks are for your watch list just to keep an eye on in case they fire up. I have had many emails about this topic lately PD you placed a stock on the Bulletin/Commentary and it didn't go up today why not that kind of email. All I can say is that we do our best to find stocks that are ready to breakout and we place what we feel are the best prospects out of those stocks on the Bulletin. Some do breakout and some don't breakout right away. Just keep them in your watch list as the chart unfolds.        

One other comment I would like to make is on the watch list you see on the Bulletin each night. The watch list is just that stocks I am watching. I may or may not buy these stocks. But when I do I'll send an Alert. My point being they are there because the charts look good at the time they go on the Bulletin.  If I remove them from the Bulletin it means the chart is damaged and I am not watching it any longer.  Why keep it on the bulletin if I don't plan on buying it I will not buy a stock with a damaged chart. If the chart mends itself over time it could certainly reappear. The watch list is there for you to watch and do your own DD (due diligence). You don't have to buy when I do and you don't have to wait for me to buy if you like the stock. They are there because I expect them to move up at anytime however some will not move right away. I may put a stock on the watch list the night after it breaks out.  If so I may not buy the stock because I'm waiting for a pullback and a flag or pennant to set up before entry.  I want to have it on my watch list so I can monitor the progress of the chart.  Some may keep going before the chart sets up and get away from us that does happen sometime.  I try to make it as easy as possible by showing you charts and giving you buy points but I can't be there with you at your computer to execute the trade.  You will have to do that yourself and hopefully if you apply the rules of a disciplined trader you'll do very well trading the stocks on the Bulletin each night. 

There are many to choose from and an overwhelming percentage of them go up as opposed to going south. All buy points hit today went up initially so if you are day trading these stocks (closing your position the same day) you should be making money if you time your trades correctly. If you chose to hold them and not close out your position each day I believe you will still make money in these stocks whether you hold for a week month or a year. We all sell at different times but no matter when you sell you should be making some profits on these winners. 

The newest one ITRA is an example of what I talked about above. It's on the list tonight but it doesn't mean I'll buy it right away. I want to watch it for a favorable pattern to develop and then I'll get in.  Right now it's over extended and should pullback.  It's had a nice run and now needs to consolidate.  After this consolidation a buy point will be listed.  

Protective Stops
For all you new traders and subscribers that are having trouble getting whipsawed out of stocks with protective stops

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