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Preserve Your Capital

I can't stress enough to preserve your capital so you can live to trade another day.  This is one of the most important rules in trading.  I've put it down in black and white in an example below so you can see for yourself how important this rule is.  Please take this into consideration when trading; it will save you every time.  I want to show tonight the importance of controlling your trades.  By this I mean letting your winners run and cutting your losses immediately.  In the following example you'll see how we can lose 4 out of 5 trades and still make money.  I'll use HEC as an example of our 1 winning trade.  We bought that stock at .52.  It proceeded up to .98 before coming back down.  If we had sold at .98 we would have made 88% but I know we can't always sell at the high so I'll use a 50% profit in my example just to be more realistic.  I'll also use round numbers just to make it easier to see.  

$10000 cash position to start
Make 5 trades with $2000 in each

Buy $2000 HEC at .50 4000 shares Sell at .75 $3000 for 50% gain
Buy $2000 XYZ at .50 4000 shares Sell at .45 $1800 for 10% loss
Buy $2000 YXZ at .50 4000 shares Sell at .45 $1800 for 10% loss
Buy $2000 ZXY at .50 4000 shares Sell at .45 $1800 for 10% loss
Buy $2000 YZX at .50 4000 shares Sell at .45 $1800 for 10% loss

You've just lost 4 out of 5 trades but your bottom line is still 2% ahead.  
Your balance is now $10200 with commissions you'll probably break even.  I'm showing you this example tonight so you can see even if you are only right 20% of the time you won't lose your money if you maintain discipline and follow the 10% / 10% rules I've followed most of my trading career.  That is of course no more than 10% in any one position and no more than 10% loss on a bad trade.  The 2nd rule is always the hardest and even I sometimes still fail on this one.  But there is absolutely no excuse to fail on the first rule.  The fastest way to the poor house is putting all your eggs in one basket and having the trade go bad on you.  This will end your quest for financial freedom faster than you can say oh no what did I just do with my hard earned money 

The above example is very conservative because we have had many stocks that have made way above the 50% figures used and not so many losing trades of 10% or more.  We will be right more than we are wrong and I'm sure we can get 6 out of 10 trades right or even as much as 7 out of 10 for a 70% win/lose ratio.  In the above example remember we only have to be right 2 out of every 10 trades.  So if you think you can follow the disciplines and be right more then 20% of the time how can you not make money in this market It works for any priced stock.  You can start with 50K and buy 100 shares of a $100.00 stock.  Be right once and have the one winner go up to $150.00 a share and you could sell the other 4 for $90.00 10% loss and still come out ahead.  No matter what price you pay just stick to the rule.  This is a big reason why our Trade Record is up 118% in 5 months.  I follow the rules for the most part.  I trade my money as if it was yours and I do not want you to lose your money.  

Please follow these simple rules and you will be around with us trading and making money for a long long time.  One other favor I would like you to do tonight is print this commentary out and put it somewhere near your computer.  Look at it when your trade falls below the 10% loss rule.  Maybe it will help you remember that if you stick to the rule you will make money.

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