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The Wall Street Analysts

What we will likely start to see from some Wall Street analysts is their version of a band aid.  Notice how they were hyping a lot of stocks as they rallied They will also hype on the way down to a certain point.  Since many people consider the analysts to be the most knowledgeable people around (LOL) they will buy into what they are being told.  Once again the herd is being set up to buy when they should be selling. 

 These analysts will start reiterating stocks.  They will tell you that the stock is trading at a substantial discount and that you should be picking up shares at these lower prices.  What they are not telling you is that they are hyping the stocks that their firms or investment bankers hold in their own portfoliosor even selling their own shares as they tell the public what a great bargain they are.  Some stocks are likely to even be upgraded as they plunge.  The reasoning they give you will be based on the company's fundamentals.  

 Granted I am sure there might be one or two stocks out there with incredible fundamentals that will get beaten up enough to be a decent buy (for example hopefully TPPP) but you will be holding those stocks for a very long time if the chart breaks down.  It will take a long time for these charts to repair.  If you do not believe this look at some of the past Bulletin stocks that we sold before they broke down.  They still have not returned to an uptrend.  Look at a couple of our current stocks that we regrettably still hold like SNTK and TPPP.  These charts broke down and do not look like they are going anywhere for a long time.  

 How come we never hear about analyst upgrades when the market or stock is at the bottom Are you kidding This is when they (smart money) are accumulating and they do not want you buying shares with them they will have none of that.  

 Let's take NT as an example.  I remember NT went from a high of $80.00 in the bubble years down to a low of .43 without a stock split.  This low was back in 2002.  The analysts were still upgrading the stock to strong buy at $80 in 2000.  As fell and I heard people say It's at $30 now; it's on sale so I'm buying more.  Not one analyst upgraded NT when it was under $1.00.  Instead if you watched the talking heads on TV they were talking bankruptcy for NT.   

 Of course this was at the time when companies were filing for chapter 7 bankruptcies right and left.  The fear was there and they knew it so they played the public to scare them out of their shares while they accumulated them.  Let's be real NT is one of the biggest companies in Canada so what are the odds of bankruptcy Slim to none in my opinion.   

 A cousin of mine bought NT at $80 in her IRA.  Needless to say she lost a lot of money when she sold under $2.00 afraid of the bankruptcy rumors she heard on TV.  In January of this year NT traded above $8.00.  Just after an earnings release analysts were upgrading the stock again to strong buy when it was over $7.00.  Again it was up 1800% from its low of .43 when they started to upgrade it.  Why not upgrade before the big gain or before earnings are released It is their job to know what a company is going to release for earnings.  If they are doing their job earnings would never be a surprise.  When NT was at .43 the fundamentals of the company were the same as they are now.  What changed to make it go up to $8.00 in January NT trades today below $4.00 down 50% four months after the analyst upgrade.  See the pattern The system is set up for you to fail and for the smart money on Wall Street to take your money from you.  What I have described above is exactly how they do it and it is perfectly legal.  Know how the game is played and you will not fall prey to these tricks.

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