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NABI - Nabi Biopharmaceuticals


NANO - Nanometrics Incorporated

NANX - Nanophase Technologies Corporation

NASI - North American Scientific, Inc.

NATI - National Instruments Corporation

NAVR - Navarre Corporation

NBIX - Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc.

NCR - NCR Corporation

NCS - NCI Building Systems, Inc.

NCTY - The9

NCX - Nova Chemicals Corporation

NDAQ - Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (The)


NEM - Newmont Mining Corporation (Holding Company)

NENG - Network Engines, Inc


NETL - NetLogic Microsystems, Inc.

NEW - New Century Financial Corp.

NEWP - Newport Corporation

NEXM - NexMed, Inc.

NFLX - Netflix, Inc.

NGAS - NGAS Resources, Inc.

NGEN - Nanogen, Inc.

NGPS - NovAtel Inc.

NICE - NICE-Systems

NIHD - NII Holdings Inc

NILE - Blue Nile, Inc.

NITE - Knight Capital Group, Inc.

NLS - Nautilus Group, Inc. (The)

NMGC - NeoMagic Corporation


NMKT - Newmarket Technology

NMSS - NMS Communications Corporation

NMTI - NMT Medical Inc.

NOOF - New Frontier Media, Inc.


NPSP - NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

NSC - Norfolk Souther Corporation




NSS - Group, Inc.

NSTK - Nastech Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.

NT - Nortel Networks Corporation

NTAP - Network Appliance, Inc.

NTES - Netease.com, Inc.


NTLI - NTL Incorporated

NTMD - NitroMed, Inc.


NTOP - Net2Phone

NTRI - Nutri/System Inc

NUAN - Nuance Communications, Inc.

NUE - Nucor Corporation

NURO - NeuroMetrix, Inc.

NUVO - Nuvelo, Inc.

NVAX - Novavax, Inc.

NVDA - NVIDIA Corporation

NVTL - Novatel Wireless, Inc.

NWRE - Neoware Systems Inc.


NX - Quanex Corporation


NXXI - Nutrition 21 Inc.



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