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Monday, April 05, 2004

Good evening friends,

Market Recap
Today was another powerful rally in the markets, a nice follow through of Friday's big rally. Looks like the NASDAQ is blasting right through that resistance I showed in the chart yesterday. The next stop is 2090 before continuing on up to new highs for the year above 2150. 

Hard to believe the NASDAQ is just 75 points from its 52 week high. This has been a big advance since bottoming out just 4 points above its 200 SMA. We came about as close to hitting that average as we could get. Since then, there has been no stopping this rocket.  The rally has been on less than average volume with the exception of Friday's big rally above the 50 SMA. I still expect a retreat back down to the 50 SMA but it is hard to predict when this will occur.

This market is on a roll right now and we are on board with many long positions. We started accumulating long positions almost two weeks ago, and they have been working out very well. Small caps continue to lead the way in this impressive rally with many of our Bulletin stocks hitting 52 week highs again today. They included MWY, UPCS, WIND, OS, CRIO, ONCY, AKS, FMDAY, IVIL, HYC, MSSN, ANSR, and KERX.

Weathering the Storm
We recently went through a period of market uncertainty, but things have begun to correct themselves in a hurry. We are finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  During this recent trend in the marketplace, it was difficult to make money by trading in any manner. Our shorts positions would bounce and stop us out. Decent charts would break down just when we entered a position. Many trades we made ended up in small losses. 

Altogether we did well during this period and were able to make a small percentage gain.  That is better than most investors faired during the NASDAQ sell off. About the only play that worked were quick day trades for a small profit. My mantra was not to trade for long term or swing trades and that cash was king. 

Even the best sailors in the world are not foolish enough to take their vessels out in the high seas knowing a storm is ahead. Just like sailors, traders/investors should not be in the markets when the market is just too tough to navigate. When the weather is uncertain, you always seek shelter. We did the same thing with our portfolio during this recent market ‘storm'. We went to cash (up to 70% at one point). I think I said “Cash is King” daily, sometimes 3 times a day on occasion. When the market is going through rough times, it is always a good idea to preserve your portfolio by going to cash. The percentage you keep invested should be based on how bad the storm is. If it is very uncertain, a large cash position not only protects you, but also allows you to rapidly get back into the market and into the best stocks when conditions improve.

It is all about being able to react quickly. We buy when conditions are right, sell, and then move on to the next stock. When times are uncertain, cash allows you to sit back and wait for the right opportunity. If you leave your money in stocks during periods of uncertainty, just like a sailor staying on a sinking ship, you will find your portfolio under water very quickly.  

Remember, head to the port when the waters look rough or uncertain. Many people stayed invested during the down turn back in 2000, and they paid a hefty price for it. Before they knew it, the tidal waves came and capsized their portfolios, washing many of them out of the market forever. Staying in the market in rough seas is a good way to end your trading career. After every storm the sun will always shine again, and things will be much clearer when it does. We have weathered the storm very well and our portfolio is in great shape. It looks as though the market is going to improve once again and if so, it should be smooth sailing for awhile.

Those OTC bb's stocks keep running. 
- WWAT (up over 100% since mentioned last week)
- GDLS (up 200% since mentioned here)
- CTTV (up 15% from last night's list)
- ERHC (Also up 15% from last night)
- DLGI (up 10% from last night's mention)

Some others for your watch list include, BIOHF, MOBL, BPWRF

As always, thank-you for your support past, present and future! Have a great night everyone; we will see you all Tomorrow evening. 

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