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Daily Commentary

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A daily commentary provides a Market recap of the day's activity, a Market outlook from important indicators, details from specific trades, and professional advice you will not find anywhere else.

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The Daily Commentary is prepared by Dave Colletti or Alan Maxfield each day after the market closes.

• Market Recap
The Commentary is only written after the market closes that day, to provide the most up to date information possible. How the market closes, and how individual stock closes is very important to understand how the stock/market will act the next day.

• Market Outlook
What is a Commentary without some forward looking information about the following day. Know what kind of market of expect in the following day or days. That is the back drop that effects the individual stocks.

• Technical Trading Insights and Lessons
Learn valuable tips and insights from the Commentaries as Dave gives you valuable information in easy to understand terms.

• Recap of the Day's Trades
Some highlights of the day's trades are included to help you understand the technical indicators that helped decide where and when to open or close a position. 

• Commentary Library
Like all Bulletins and Charts, the previous Commentaries are available to members at anytime in the Commentary Library.

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