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BP (Buy Point)

Term often used in the STHQ Bulletin comments.

The term 'Buy Point' is the price that has been targeted as an entry point to enter a position in a Bulletin stock. The Buy Point is first entered in the Comments column until the stock's price hits the Buy Point. Once a buy point is hit, the Buy Point will appear in the ‘Open Position’ column. Importantly, although the Buy Point has been moved to the 'Buy' column, this does not mean the stock has automatically been purchased. There are many factors that will make the decision if a position should be entered in a stock, other than the price only, such as volume, market conditions, changes in the stock's charts, etc. 

Also note:
Buy Points are based on current chart indicators, market conditions, and many other factors. For this reason, Buy Points are only valid the first time the stock price hits the Buy Point. Once the Buy Point has been moved to the 'Open Position' column, the value of the Buy Point has deminished and should not be factored into your trading decisions.
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