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Members' Message Boards


Our message boards are dynamic forums to keep in touch with Dave Colletti, our full-time moderators / technical traders, and other members. By using the message boards, you will be able to ask questions and posts comments regarding specific stock in our Bulletin.  

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•  Moderated by Full-Time Technical Traders
Our message boards are monitored throughout the trading day and after hours by our staff of Technical Traders that can offer insight into our Bulletin stocks, or answer questions for new members.
• Professional
Our message boards are nothing like the unmoderated, often out of control message boards on other sites. We strive to provide the best service we can as we create a positive environment for all our members.  
• Meet other Members
Trading is often a solitary profession, and having an extra set of eyes to look at a particular stock chart, or someone to bounce off your ideas off of is important to keep yourself sharp. Many members use the message boards for exactly that.

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