Compounded % Gains Since Inception in 2003  3003%
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Sign-up for our FREE trial to access our portfolio trade history and follow our portfolio in real-time as new positions are opened and closed.

Our real-time portfolio is updated instantly as positions are opened and closed pre-market, intraday, and post-market. For every postion opened or closed, Alerts are posted online or sent by email to members. Every trade we have ever made is available in our portfolios for members to view. Don't be fooled by other services that may show fantasy trades or theoretical high and lows. 

Our short term portfolio are our momentum trades which are most often held at least a few days, but no more than a few weeks. Very rarely will we day trade stocks in our short term portfolio.

The real-time portfolio have fully customizable views, giving you the flexibility to sort and filter the portfolio by any parameter.

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Gain in 2016: 38%  
StocktradersHQ starts every new year with $100,000 of trading capital. At the end of the year, our 2016 portfolio value had a $37,691 gain with an ending balance of $137,691. Our portfolio is updated in real-time as positions are opened and closed. Members are notified in real time with our email alert system and receive online emails alerts for each trade delivered both to their email box and are posted to our message boards.

Average Gain: 41%
Since our inception in 2003, we have achieved an average return of 41% per year for the last 13 years. Every trade we have ever made can be verified on our site in both the alert and portfolio histories. We’ve designed a powerful winning trading system that maximizes gains while minimizing risk. Our record of performance using this proven winning system is unprecedented.

Compounded Gain: 3003%
Starting with a $100,000 portfolio and trading every alert since our inception in 2003, that portfolio is now worth over $3,103,486! That's right, in just 14 short years, we have generated a 3003% return. Let us show you how we do it. Sign-up for our free 21 day trial to access all we have to offer.


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