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"I've all but secured a room on the upper west side. Once I land a job and I graduate in a few months, I'm there. It's just a room for now ... when I start trading and making the big bucks maybe I'll move up a bit ;) This is all very exciting for me as I have lived in San Diego my whole life. I owe it all to this website though. I came here four years ago not knowing a short from a long and now trading is my passion, my joy, and soon to be my occupation. This site has literally changed my life."  - Guth
"I just wanted to say thanks again, I know I don't mention it when I buy your picks, but believe me I am.  Working days makes it hard to find time to do much else other than to read your advice and bulletin and to plan my own orders according to what you post.  As well as my own picks.  I am about 50% your picks and about 50% mine at the moment.  Your picks have recently blown mine out of the water and have taken me another step closer to that early retirement.  This site is the best thing I have seen yet." - Mack
"I just want to extend my sincere thanks to Dave and all the moderators for providing such a wonderful site for traders/ investors like me.  Learned a lot of new things from this place.  Changed my trading style completely.  Once again thanks a lot for such a wonderful service." - OneByeTwo
"I can certainly see however how the StockTradersHQ site is an invaluable tool that will help me to retire soon." - Mack
"I put EVCI in my IRA account back in December.   Broke to a new high yesterday on record volume.   Gapped higher this morning.   Nice 100%+ profit. Thanks Dave." - Fastfitz
"In the 6 months I've been a member I have come to realize that the service is helpful not only when the market is going strong, but also when the market is uncertain.   When the market is going strong, we all profit from the buy points and the chart analysis.   But when the market turns against us, this service helps us preserve capital.   I shudder to think how much of a loss I would have taken in the past month if I didn't have the wisdom and the insight I've gained at" - Outlaw
"Dave, I bought 1000 EVOL yesterday for $12.95 and today I was about to sell for 10.45 and take 2500 loss. I have seen your note not to react in the opening and just walked out.  I came back to see that it's 12.95. Woo...  you saved me more than 2500$.  Thanks" - Sshiva
"There was a time, not long ago, when I would watch the futures plummet and my heart would sink.   I would be near panic.  I would be on my computer putting in sell orders like crazy!!  But, being here and listening to the coaching was very calming and allowed me to think clearly.   Dave and your team of moderators are the best!   My heartfelt thanks!" - Judy
"Thank you ONCY!  Paid for 2 years of StockTradersHQ in a few hours" - Guth
"Dave and all supporting cast, Thanks so much for your time, talent and the service.   I got onboard July 31, 2003 and the service has been nothing but phenomenal both it content and presentation.   I also like the feeling that I am viewed not just as a paying customer but rather as a family member. I would like to be part of this family for many years to come."  - Jeb
"Thanks for heads up on IPIX, read your mssg last night and started watching chart this am.   Made enough to pay for 9 years of StockTradersHQ in 20 minutes." - Drew
"After reading last nights commentary, I got to thinking about my first 3 months with StockTradersHQ.  I am 100% totally satisfied with this service.  I've tried others, some costing considerably more, and nothing compares with this!
The knowledge alone that I have gained is more than worth the price of admission. My only complaint is that you don't offer a yearly subscription! Thanks Dave and keep up the great work!" - Bandit
"I would not even dare to compare this site with any other one. is the best possible service and education one can get on this planet."  - MGI
"Dave's market commentary is the best I've ever seen.  If you follow Dave's market commentary alone, one can make money in US markets."  - StockDba
"When I found out about a few months ago I was ecstatic. Where can you find a service that prepares you a list of stocks with buy points and comments, a commentary about the current market overall, and a window that refreshes on your screen every 2 minutes showing you ever move that the service makes (buying and selling) for only $49 per month?!!!!! I for the love of investing I can not understand why anyone in their right minds would leave. I am telling everyone I know about this service. All I can say is thanks Dave and everyone here who has pitched in and made this service such a great one! I never plan on leaving." - Randy, CA
"Dave, with what I am making on your picks, I no longer need to work as much overtime so now I have extra time to spend with the hubby and my two kids! Please keep this service going for a long time to come. We are happy in N.C. Thanks again." - Anthony, NC
"I have been investing/trading stocks for three years and have learned more in the past month being a member of this group than I have the previous 3 years. Thanks Dave!" - Mary, GA
"Since joining StockTradersHQ in late May I am up 500%. That’s right no typo here:500%. I owe it all to Dave. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! " - Marc, MA
"Been a member since I think the beginning of September and I'm up over 100%. My track record before was maybe 10%. My family and I are extremely grateful for this service. My wife and I just found out we're expecting again and this will more than supplement her not working. Thank god I found you guys!" - Tyler
"I joined on the 23rd of September. I don't know my exact account balance on that date, but I believe I'm currently up around 65%. I made that even after (I'll admit to it) getting out way too early on many occasions. Had I gotten in on all the trades I'd meant to get in on (job often keeps me away from the trading screen) I would have broken 100% easily. Just thought I'd contribute another "success story" for the sake of future subscribers. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals, Dave and members." - Andrew
"I rejoined Dave last month and my portfolio is up over 12% just under a month. Thanks a lot to Dave. 2 of his picks I made over 80% just under 3 days. That’s amazing! Now I know his style...He’s a genius." - Nat
"Dave's last night's comments on HEC: "I was itching to buy this today but held off. Another day or two and it should be ready" This guy has a God given gift. Follow his lead. I certainly will." - Eve
"I really enjoy the quality of this board and its services. I have finally found a place that would allow me to LEARN how to better myself in the trading world. I have been to a few other places before but what I like about this community is the fact that we just don’t get Dave's recommendation list every night, we get an analysis of why he likes those picks. We get TA lessons from other members of the group as well. I for one find this to be an invaluable lesson. It’s perfectly fine to be a member of a group that throws winners at you on a daily basis, but it’s even better to be a part of a group that throws you winners and tells you why and teaches you how to become a better trader. is that kind of a group and it is well worth the $49.00 a month." - Ash
"There is quality on every level here. Character, teaching, knowledge, integrity, and spirit, to name just a few. I feel blessed to be a member of this family. Thank you Dave and all the moderators." - Joe, IA
"Dave, you are da man, subscribed last week and am up so much I cannot keep count, I am a marketing expert with heavy duty contacts, etc. lets market your talents for real" - John, WA
"The market can be a tough place to invest your hard earned money. However trading this market with the "" has been nothing short of inspiring. These are the techniques of a true Trader. Timing is everything, with his instant email alerts and watch lists toting breakout points and resistance levels it is a complete method for both experts and beginners like myself. The knowledge offered on the message board by "" and others is invaluable. This is a solid group with a sharing potential to profit in today’s markets. The Dave is the MAN…" - Peter, CA
"I wish I could have found a place like this a long time. .Stan's book is my favorite and you (Dave) put it into action as good or better than anyone I have seen. I feel you have taken that style to what I consider a specialized level and I suspect the folks here who are relatively new to trading or technical trading do not even realize what they have found here. This is like an oasis in a dessert full of overpriced trading clubs and systems and the reality is, anyone will be hard pressed to find better results than here. I really think you're doing a great job!" - Art
"Just from what i made on udw pays for 3 years of StockTraderHQ's service...hats off to you Dave!!” - Dave, TX
"When I met David I was down to just 1000, trying to buy low and sell higher .lol. As of Friday I am at 4000. Now any high rollers please don't laugh. I know that is only a gain of 3000, but it is a 300% gain!!!! So anyone considering subscribing, "just do it". David is the best there is!!!!" - Kathy
"I just finished studying the charts and commentary on today’s bulletins and would like to applaud PDs efforts....fantastic! We have an invaluable teacher here folks...honesty combined with experience and a willingness to share knowledge and insight that most of us would never learn without costly mistakes. I am reaching a new level of understanding. The market is no longer an enigma thanks to StockTradersHQ. These are lifelong tools for success and Dave is helping each of us hone them to perfection. Bravo to Dave" - Steven, AZ
"Believe it or not, I am up over 300% in realized gains in the 2 months I have been tradin with StockTradersHQ." - Dale, MO
"I am a horseracing fan and I was tinkering with UBET stock and kept seeing Dave giving tips and I started following along and I must admit WOW what a ride thus far and I like ready made picks that skyrocket as Dave's tips have." - Joe
"I plan to ride AAC to $1.00+. If you analyze Dave's trades, he does not sell right away after a 30, 60, or even 100% profit. He's got some stock wins that went over 200+% in less than a month. I'm in three weeks ago @ .25 courtesy of Dave's advise." - Romulo, CA
"Fantastic charts in the Bulletin tonight. Dave, I really like the recent addition of charts to your Bulletin. Tonight’s' were very interesting. Gives great insight into the thought process behind your picks. The excel attachment is tops." - Dan
"Regarding the payment.....$49 is not much to pay for your guidance. You could be charging much more...I have increased my capital from about $20k to $28k in the 3 weeks I have been following your picks" - Mike
"I have made about 80% gains, Which is pretty amazing in 1 month". - Mike
"Dave is the best. I never doubted his picks and mucho respect goes out to Dave" - Javier, NY

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